Róża Selawiska


This site is dedicated to Polish artist and Slavic Feminist, Róża Selawiska. Although we know very little about her reclusive life, she has been making images that haunt, pester and inspire. Using her own unique folkloric, historical and literary tropes, Róża documents her life—the pain, the struggles, the hopes and disappointments while echoing the work of her favourite artist, Frida Kahlo. Each photograph captures a moment in her life reflecting the emotions of her turbulent relationships with history, womanhood, intimacy, and the life long emotional pain she endured as a result of her inability to have children, alcoholism and bulimia. So far, Fans of Róża Selawiska have discovered fifty-three self-portraits of the artist but are seeking to acquire more.

On this website you will find her photographs, her diary, a biography of her life, a chronology and two essays about her art written by Nicholas Stock and Maria Jolanta Rozwora.

This website presents only the highlights of the turbulent and painful but colourful life of Róża Selawiska.

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This is a work of fiction by Maria Flawia Litwin. None of the information on this website is true.